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June 18, 2019

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# Important Facts about the Research:

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Social Butterfly 

Can having a lot of social interactions be good for your health?

July 3, 2019

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Tomorrow most US Americans will be socializing a lot celebrating the 4th of July. 

So a lot of research has been done, looking at the relationship between social interaction and health.

With most conclusions stating, positive social interactions are linked to good health.

But because of how most of the research is done (observationally) it is not 100% clear if social interactions 

actually cause better health or if the 2 are just connected because healthy people socialize more than non healthy people. 

Dr. Jeremy Howick a medical researcher at the University of Oxford published an article this year to make it all clear. 


1. Increase of positive social interactions increasing better health 

2. The Bradford Hill Guidelines are a valid tool for researchers to use

3. Using the Bradford Hill Guidelines will decrease amount of time needed to 

validate observational experiments; this is good for the scientist and great for the general public

3 Important Facts about the Research:

1. The Bradford Hill Guidelines are a set of guidelines for a reacher to determine if 

their observational study can prove causality.

2. Using the Bradford Hill Guidelines to check previous research, Dr. Howick and his colleges 

looked at the relationship social interaction has on health benefits.

3. They conclude that having strong and supportive social relationships does causes better health and longer life.

4. The Bradford Hill Guidelines are an acceptable tool for researchers to use to show 

their observational study tests for causality. 

Information about the Scientist:

Dr. Jeremy Howick is a philosopher and medical researcher at the University of Oxford

Dr.  Howick has studied research about placebos and why we need unbiased experiments. He has over 80 academic publications in top journals, he has won 3 teaching awards, he appears regularly on television, and he has written for the Times and Huffington Post. Currently he is working on looking at the benefits of doctor empathy. 

Beware of Fake Food

Years of research prove fresh is best

The stats are in and repeated science + math don't lie...

Two Labs, 1. from Spain 2. from France said the same thing this year,

Processed foods are BAD and they are totally F-ing up your Fabulous Status.


Eating ultra-processed foods leads to obesity, heart disease, and Death.

4 Important Facts about the Research:

1. Very processed food is made in a factory, made from additives and parts of real food.

2. Very processed food is convenient, very tasty (to most) and very cheap.

3. Both labs looked at thousands of volunteers over several years. They recorded their

 eating habits and their health information.

4. Eating very processed food increases chance of death. 

Information about the Scientist:

Spain Lab: At the University of Navarra the researchers in the department of preventative medicine 

and public health work hard to understand the human diet and discover new preventative treatments.  

France Lab: At the University of Paris the researchers in the EREN lab work hard to 

understand the relationship between nutrition and health.